5 thoughts on “one more new picture

  1. This image caught my eye as I was finishing today. It looks menacing, predatory to me. I think it is beginning to acquire a life of its own. Maybe you should go with that (even though I know you don’t like the ‘corset’ connotations!) For me it has ‘trap’ connotations, some sort of ‘snare’ – I don’t know but enticing.

  2. Its funny how one’s emotions slip into the work, for I am feeling very snared right now with extra hours at the print shop and sick children, domesticity can be a very menacing place!

  3. OMG is right – this photo is gorgeous to me!! Dramatic, twilight, I see a form of nature’s disintegration, like something that has had sea weed washed over it repeatedly as the tide has moved in and out over time… okay – i just read about your thoughts on cocooning/disintegration and that makes lots of sense here 🙂 I love what you’re doing here!

  4. Karin, thanks for stopping by glad you like… hopefully it will find fans later this year when i show it too…

    Michael, Installation is my first love, maybe its the theatre in me… but not many places to show work like that around here, (well none in my league really) and no takers any place else right now either… but I think maybe at the faculty show in the fall, where I can show whatever I like as long as it fits in my allotted space, that could be a possible trial run… but yes, i think it needs a space and its own light, oh well keep working and dreaming right?

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