more rejection

Came home from my daily grind to find I hadn’t gotten that residency I really wanted for this summer, (I knew this already because I hadn’t heard anything and its been too long for an acceptance) so I guess I will just keep on slogging away here. Somedays I wish there was someone to tell you if the work is alright, I was so certain this weekend, and then negativity heaps up at one’s door and I start thinking I should just give it all up, its such hard work to keep up my energy and it seems pretty worthless tonight. Maybe I should just go back to my office and turn out brochures and stationery for the rest of my life and sleep and play more often. Oh well laundry to fold, so…

5 thoughts on “more rejection

  1. the rejection stinks, I’m sorry to hear that! and slogging away… sounds pretty familiar right now… sometimes I find myself slogging through art making processes (when a project is repetitive or takes a long time, especially printing), as well as dealing with the overload of life-logistics activities (like laundry, and oh gosh, taxes… which I have to do yesterday. as well as a million other things… aargh).

    the stuff you were working on in the past couple of posts, the giant skeleton/ribcage of leaves/sticks/paisley/text/eyes… looks pretty exciting. definitely don’t give up! I am drawing crazy entwined leaves at the moment, thinking about patterns generating forms… somewhere along the same lines as you maybe…

  2. I’m sorry to read your latest entry. Your disappointment is evident. Are there other opportunities or residencies available for you? Ones more in tune with your way of working, ideas, energy?

  3. I’m sorry for your disappointment – I have to think it’s surely their loss! and that their must be another purpose for your time this summer that is yet to be revealed. Your work is so amazing – don’t allow one subjective decision to sway you far from your path. Be true to your art, your Self, stay open and keep seeking. I know you are speaking from a place of disappointment and loss right now – time and further exploring will hopefully help shift your energy.

  4. thanks everyone, for all your sage advice, I hope Karin that you are right and some other thing is waiting, but it would have been so amazing, time for just the work… time. Oh well and I pick myself up and go on as we all do, and there is much to do as always, but I just wanted to take a second to thank you all.

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