good news/bad news

dressformso first the good news, the lights are up and I am moving back into my studio, I can’t even tell you how happy that has made me all day today (and it was a very trying day at the print shop full of equipment malfunctions and crazy deadlines…). It was so awesome to start putting my things back into my space last night… warm fuzzy glow all around!! My work is still progressing, see happy new image above!! There is much work still to do up there, I spent the evening putting up insulation, but a room of my own again, soooo happy, can’t even tell you!!

now some in between news… I have mentioned that I am participating (along with my 3D class) in Seth Apter’s disintegration project, well a few days ago, (in that long silence here) there was a wicked winter storm and my project blew down and away… sob! But fortunately after canvasing the neighborhood it is found again and it is definitely disintegrated! However what I didn’t mention earlier was that having checked out many of the other projects online I decided to make a second “bundle” and put that out too, mostly because so many people were subjecting books etc to the weather and I was lusting after their pages… it was not exactly a back up project but more an auxiliary one! I took pictures, but again with the missing chord to my camera, (putting buy a card reader on the top of my to do list!! knowing that as soon as I buy one said chord will miraculously appear!) Anyway, stay tuned for some amazing reveal photos May 1st!!

But life it seems is not content to leave me happy for long and so lastly the bad news, my husband just (literally) rushed off to see his mother who is in the hospital in SC (we live upstate in NY), she is very sick and has multiple existing health issues, heart, kidneys, diabetes, so if you believe in any higher powers, please pray for them both, thanks.

7 thoughts on “good news/bad news

  1. Label this post lost and found. So glad that you found bits of the bundle and have the foresight to make a second!! Look forward to the photos on May 1! And best to your mother-in-law as well.

  2. Hi Deb, welcome back to your creative space 🙂 Looks like you have a lot going on there!! sending those prayers your family’s way. Safe travels for your husband, and peaceful healing to his mother.
    Best to you, Karin

  3. Your work is looking exquisite and my I can see there is a LOT of work put into it.

    I love the concept of the disintegration project so I am looking forward to seeing the pics 🙂

    Higher powers or no, I am sending good thoughts your way for your mother in law.

  4. glad you got your studio back, enjoy it and keep working!
    good thoughts to your ma in law, hope she doesn’t suffer too much and can recover.

  5. thanks one and all, from the brief conversation I had with Glenn earlier it seems his mum is feeling better today, so hopefully she will continue on that way. Looking forward to showing you all my rejuvenated space soon!

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