better news

So to update, my husband is back, his Mum is still in the hospital, but doing much better, thanks for your good wishes!

In the studio, the lights and power are working, and half the space is freshly insulated, but work is on hold while I finish wrapping up loose ends for my show.

It was good to be back in class again yesterday, and my 3D class has a blast “playing” outside making work after Andy Goldsworthy. I totally enjoyed being outside and immersed in what I was doing, absolutely Zen for me! Tonight was the opening for thee student show, it was great to see some of my former and current students recognized with awards, and to see the excellent work, especially from the graphic design program, wow! those guys rock!

And I deliver the work for my show Monday, so I expect this weekend will be  a mad flurry of activity, hopefully followed by a bit of a break before the opening! I miss having the time to connect with my new colleagues here, looking forward to winding down a little next week and having time to really check in on what you are all up to!!

I have some serious “art thoughts” waiting to be formulated into coherent sentences, maybe I’ll get around to that next week too!

1 thought on “better news

  1. Glad to hear you husband is home and his mom has improving. Wishing you the best as your wrap up work for your show. Looking forward to seeing pictures – I miss read before and thought your studio had been finished. Being under construction must make getting ready for a show more challenging! best wishes, Karin

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