img_0748So the day finally arrived, here I am at the opening (in the brown shirt), it was well enough attended, competing with three other shows in town and several more locally. I don’t really like my own openings, I never know what to say to people about the work, do they really want to know about it or are they just being polite? Also it perpetuates myths about genius and the cult of celebrity that I don’t agree with, I hope the work can stand and speak on its own. I’m much happier in the studio just hanging out with it. But thanks to everyone who turned out to support me, I appreciated it very much, and big hugs all round to my husband and kids who suffered through my bad temper and helped clean for the after party at the house. Feeling at a pretty low ebb, will edit and post more pictures later.

4 thoughts on “opening…

  1. sucks to hear you aren’t feeling good, this was/is your time to enjoy the fact that you have made art and get to share it with others! its letting the energy have a place to waft….maybe you should go back and stand in the waftiness until you are dizzy with happiness…

  2. Debra,
    Yours is perhaps the most creative and original show I’ve seen in a very long time at the Predergast. It was thriling to discover an artist whose inner muse comes through in a very profound way. I found your pieces romantic and startling, pretty and harsh all at the same time.
    Just terrific!
    Thanks for that breath of fresh art.

  3. My guess, is that people who show up at openings want to hear about the work. There are probably a handful that show up just for refreshments, but those are the minority.

    Those attending an opening don’t want the artist to make them feel small and inadequate. Just share your joy of creating and others will enjoy talking to you.

    If I ever have another opening, I will try to remember my own words.

    Congratulations on getting through it all.

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