so much to talk about

well now! I’ve been silent for so long where to begin with everything I have in my little brain ready to spill out?! I think I should start with the disintegration project update so I don’t let my fellow artists down. As many of you who follow along here know, my original project was lost and then found. I had intended for it to be a piece that was completed by the processes at work outside and for it to reveal a hidden secret as it dissolved away. So it was included in my new exhibit, and here is a picture of it looking very official, ensconced in this locked glass case at my showdisintergration2

But when I thought it was lost, and because I lusted after everyone else\’s disintegrating pages, I started a second bundle which was a good thing because it is merrily weathering into wonderful stuff, but a little behind schedule, so I will delay its reveal another month, when it will become a fabulous book of its own, or maybe several! Its not quite ready yet! But here are it\’s before pictures I included some plate-litho prints, and old notebook from infants school, some old encyclopedias and some miscellaneous envelopes and ephemera I had lying around! I left it on the upstairs balcony. May they make something beautiful together! (OK I confess I have peeked and its progressing nicely!)

And I posted a new page with pictures from my show, if you REALLY want to see them you can click on the tab and go look!!

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