a perfect day

I decided to cut myself a little slack and to not work at the print shop on the days I would be teaching at least until the end of May, but hopefully all summer. I am nervous about this decision, as I always am when turning down the opportunity to make more money, but I have been feeling stretched so thin lately that I simply wanted a break. No doubt I will still worry about the money I’m not making but I am determined to make the best of it.  Also I have picked up an art history class next semester, so I have a lot of work to do to get ready to teach it! (that’s my official excuse!!!!)

Today was my first day off, and it has been so wonderful.  It was a pleasantly warm, sunny day with nothing pressing to do except enter my final grades for the semester! So I drove my kids to school, had breakfast with my husband and talked to my mum on the phone for ages about nothing much really! Then I worked on weeding my flower beds, (resisting the temptation to turn that into a big project by starting to move things around) until it was time to pick the kids up again, making a brief stop on the way at the gallery to visit my work, I miss my ladies… I picked up some books (Surprise, surprise, nothing serious just some new fiction) and hung out and ate candy with my kids for a bit before they went off to rehearsal.

Now I have some time to catch up with everyone here in blog world, after lying around doing nothing in particular and day dreaming about some new books I am thinking about making. Its been a really long time since I could just sit and let my mind wander around an idea. I feel relaxed and refreshed and ready to work!!

I hope I can keep it up all summer!

5 thoughts on “a perfect day

  1. I totally understand turning down work despite not making the money. I have been a woman obsessed all my life. If I had the opportunity to work for money, I would do it hell or high water. A few years ago, I just stopped doing that. I told myself enough is enough. More time and peace of mind seemed to be of more value than money. It took me a year to get comfortable with the idea of devoting my time to me, my ONE day job, and making my art. Now that time has passed, I can’t believe it took me so long to realize this is as it should be.
    Enjoy yourself. Life doesn’t have to be at full speed all the time. I found this out and it is a wonderful revelation! 🙂

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