OK I get it already!


a little homage to andy goldsworthy at its begining...

I have talked here about my reluctance to be “the Artist” – that mythical figure of genius, and how uncomfortable I am to be that elephant… (I always think of “it” as an elephant because of The Artist’s Way). My recalcitrance is being tested by the universe this week. Firstly I was invited by another women’s group to speak about creativity and children, which I am always happy to do, because we all know kids need more creativity! And then I got a call from a local editor who wants to do a feature on me after seeing my show. OK universe I get it, make more art this summer. I swear I am listening, so you can stop shouting at me!!! So far my second “at home” Tuesday is going wonderfully as well… Despite the continuing financial uncertainty I find there is JOY in my heart!

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