a walk in the woods

I have been out and about! I took a backpacking trip with my great friend Jen and her friends (who are I hope now my friends too). I love to be outdoors, I love to walk, hike and camp, I don’t often make time to do any of these things anymore, even though I love them. If you are at all interested in natural history, head on over to Jen’s blog where she will share her wealth of knowledge about everything we experienced this past weekend! (I am the slightly nervous looking LASS in the emerald green tank top on the far left of this picture, I’m not sure why I have that expression on my face, except I hate having my picture taken?).

Jen and I make great hiking partners, she’s an amazing photographer as well as an accomplished naturalist and teacher, and I’m just easily distracted by the play of light under the canopy, or the pattern of lichen on a rock, or, well just about everything, so we both stop often and walk slowly! I know there will be amazing photos on her blog and on flicker of the riotous wildflowers and almost primeval forests we passed through on the trip! I can’t wait to see how they turned out. My pictures will get filtered into some new work I think, time will tell! I am already thinking about some book forms. I made some little sharpie sketches, but nothing worth sharing here!!

Needless to say after galavanting about in the woods all weekend, there is a lot of domesticity that requires my attention today, no rest for the wicked as they say. Much more to come about this I think in the weeks ahead…

3 thoughts on “a walk in the woods

  1. Just had a look at the photo on Jen’s blog. This is a great picture. I like the varying expressions and engagement with the camera – cautious, full on laughter, confident. You look like pioneers – of what I’m not sure but I bet this would look good in black and white. Where are you exactly? Close to New York? Could be the be the wilds if you omitted the picnic table!

  2. We walked the North Country Trail from the PA line back into the Red House Area of Allegany State Park, so yes, we were in upstate NY in this picture. But if you mean the city, no we’re about 8 hrs away!!

    And here is a link to pictures from the last opening

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