studio update

window & chairlong view from stirsbook nookGlenn and I worked on the wiring for the house this weekend, and the good news is we are done moving things around upstairs so I can finally move back into my space to start working. I’m sure many of  you have beautiful studios, but I am so excited because as Ms Woolf said, every woman needs a room of her own. For many years I have worked up there with no lights and no heat, trailing an extension cord up from my bedroom below. I am so excited to have lights and insulation, and the beginings of walls! Oh how blissful, to have all my books and papers and a comfy chair, storage and tables… can you tell how happy I am?? So for the curious here are some pictures, and when you see them you will probably think, that confirms it, the woman is out of her mind, but if I am – at least I am happy there!!

4 thoughts on “studio update

  1. Thanks, I am enjoying it, my family has decided they may have to send out a search party if they want to see me again!!

  2. Can imagine how you must feel. I was without adequate working space for a long time too. And I’m also interested in how women create a space for themselves (not necessarily a room maybe just an area.) Looks great!

  3. I’m jealous. That’s a really cool room. I love the roof, it reminds me of going into the attic when I was a kid, and a girlfriend’s wonderful apartment in Holland. Thanks for sparking some old memories.

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