low energy day

Oh how artist’s love drama… sometimes I swear I am just waiting to shoot myself in the foot. On a week when I really need to have my act together I am over committed and looking like a flake. I know that I am procrastinating because I can’t believe it is time for another opening. What is wrong withe me? Isn’t this what I’m supposed to live for, my 15 minutes of fame, my moment in the spotlight. GRRRR. OK I have to go do business-y things. Just needed to vent about how lucky I am to have another show opening and how happy and grateful I ought to feel…

While I haven’t been doing the things I should have been doing, like pricing my work and making sale cards and bugging everyone I know to attend, and buy something, I was doing this insteadbeautiful back viewover flashed inside with stitching and ribbon detail

which was way more fun than playing the artist, just being one… so if anyone out there would like to offer me sensible advice on how to be more gracious in public, I’m listening….

BTW the paper for this book came from this AMAZING bookstore  East Branch Books, I came across in Sherman, NY. O! How I love books and paper… OK going to be the grown up and get stuff ready…

1 thought on “low energy day

  1. Oh, I do wish I had advice for you on being gracious in public. If I did, that would mean that I would be a gracious and grateful person myself. I also wish I had a bookstore within driving distance to crow about. I live in a college town, and you would think that bookstores would be pestilential. Alas, Barnes and Noble moved in twelve years ago and smooshed all the little, independent bookstores. Now I have nowhere to go and fondle beautiful books.

    I wish you the best of luck on your preparations.

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