book sales & birthdays

This weekend was our local library’s annual book sale. I wasn’t going to go, because we all know I don’t NEED another single book, but my son and his friend wanted me to drive them to the video store, and it is right across the street from  the library, so I was sucked into the whirlpool and I went in, and then I had to smuggle a huge box of books I can’t afford right now into my studio under the cover of darkness like a crack addict! OK I have no willpower at all when it comes to books. But it is all for a good cause, and I did actually buy a few books to read!

Yesterday we celebrated my husbands birthday with his family, we grilled and ate strawberry shortcake and drank fabulous wine. The best part is my house is so clean right now, the only thing on the dining room table is a vase of flowers!!!! Like that will last, but still…

Spent some time tonight reading, trying to get started on my art history class, make some outlines, get things defined in my mind. Feeling overwhelmed by the enormity of the task at hand, and at my inability to just stick to the subject without flying off on tangents all the time. Trying to be strict with myself, but failing dismally. Oh well school is out for my kids today, so the lazy, unscheduled summer begins! yeah right!

2 thoughts on “book sales & birthdays

  1. You are so funny!! and I can totally relate. I might get depressed if our library only had one sale a year – ours has one monthly 🙂 I don’t always make it, but I do love knowing it’s coming up and it allows me to never feel a sense that I will *run out* of material so I freely tear into things for collage, etc. Lately my favorites are foreign language books. I found the Koran in Arabic last week, as well as a couple books written Greek – yummy!

  2. LOL this is why I love blogging, because where else would I meet do many fellow “destroyers” of books!! Strangely the pieces the librarians liked the best of all my work at the Prendergast gallery (which is inside the library) were the altered books/pages! One of them is even going to come take a class with me to learn more!

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