wild & crazy day!!

So it started out as a very tranquil day… I didn’t have to fight to get into the bathroom as no kids had school, and then I walked in to work, a peaceful beginning.  It was super busy at the print shop, but I don’t mind it being busy, and it was a challenging day full of rush jobs, so I felt calm and in command of my post! My girls dropped by in the afternoon to bring me coffee (the coffee at the shop is un-drinkable!) All in all pretty great! Then the phone rang… the wheel had fallen off my daughter’s car right as she was pulling onto the interstate! So I left early, called my husband to meet me and off we went! Fortunately she was going very slowly when it happened and no one was hurt. I gave her my car (She was on her way to her summer school class) and we called for a tow. I added roadside coverage to my cell phone plan a few months ago, so it was very handy. I spoke with an unbelievably helpful guy and then I got to spend a while waiting in the truck with my honey for the tow truck to arrive! What an unexpected joy, hanging out with him and then we got to eat dinner together too! The tow truck driver also said he could fix the damage for under $100 by the morning! So right now that’s probably what he’s doing!!!So a day full of blessings in disguise, I guess.

None of this was in my original blogging plans for tonight, so here is what I was planning on talking about, firstly a belated response to Seth at the altered page, here is my inspiration board….

inspiration board

and my workd in progress/recently finished wall

in progress

And an update of some new images from my studio

goven mefern

I had other things I wanted to muse about… but that will do for today I think!!

5 thoughts on “wild & crazy day!!

  1. well thank god nothing horrible happened! that is freaky and scary! i’m attracted to those little brownish/cream squares on the right side of your board…what are those?

  2. Paula, that is a scarf I made, and an experiment of sorts for a new project I have in my head…. I blogged about the idea here https://dryadart.wordpress.com/2009/01/04/not-as-happy/, but haven’t really worked on it again. The silk squares came from the dress my nan wore to my parents wedding, I have been saving it forever, it was too nice to just toss away!

    Seth, thanks for stopping by, how do you do it all? Glad you liked the new work!

  3. I really like glimpses of your inspiration boards, everything visible, on show to anyone who happens to call in to your studio. Looks as though you are in the process of editing, re-arranging. And of course that your day was OK (eventually).

  4. Lesley, everything is still al lover from the remodeling process.. but starting to be more workable everyday! How wonderful it would be if some of my online friends could drop in some day!!!

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