sara’s pocket book

letter EMy great friend Sara is a total type wonk, and I love her dearly! We took some classes together during our undergraduate years and then both ended up in England doing our Master’s at the same time, although at opposite ends of the country. We worked as graphic designers for the same company for a short while, I miss sharing an office with her, but she has gone on to bigger and better things in the big city (NYC) and left me behind here in the burbs! Anyway when she left I made her a book of “pockets” to hold all the crazy lists she always has about her person. She emailed me recently to say it had died after many years of patient service, so this weekend I made her a new one… it turned out so well I started several others, I don’t usually like  to repeat projects, I like my books to be one of a kind, but since the materials are all slightly different I guess it can slide… and they were so much fun. Only Sara’s is completely finished, but I’ll post pictures of the others when they are finished! Because of Sara’s love of all things type I themed her new pockets with beautiful old typefaces from multiple sources. I hope she likes it!

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