blog revisit, another great idea from the altered page!

buried treasureSeth Apter over at the altered page has a new idea up his sleeve, today bloggers all over will be re-posting their favorite post, a revisit. So here is my favorite, these posts are all about the things I think about when I am hiding out in my attic with all the dead girls from the past… and about the process of writing about art which is really difficult when your mind is a rat’s nest like mine!!

Sorry that’s quite a journey I just sent you on, I hope some of you stuck it out, and that it was an interesting ride!!

disWhile we’re talking about Seth, don’t forget that the big reveal for the second part of the disintegration project is fast approaching, the new works created from our weathered stuff will be making their debut on August 1st, so don’t forget to watch this space, and soooo many others too!! I wish I could tell you mine is chugging along, but honestly the weathered pages are so beautiful I am loathe to work on them lest failure occur!

15 thoughts on “blog revisit, another great idea from the altered page!

  1. leslie, thanks for reading!! This has been a cool collaboration, I’ve really enjoyed looking at all the other blogs! Thanks for stopping by!!

  2. Wow is right….I really enjoyed reading your artist statement, seeing how it came together and learning of all these women. You have an incredible gift and I will be back….

  3. First off WOW!! It’s hard to believe but I’ve never ran into someone who’s read the Yellow Wallpaper before! I have it in an old children’s story “omnibus” from when I was quite small. All the stories in it were very creepy, but that one really haunted me. Seeing your interpretations of it put chills up my back, I have to say! What a neat find… I must thank Seth. 🙂

  4. What a wonderful selection! Not familiar with your work so very glad you were part of Seth’s treasure hunt. I loved your second and third link best- the pictures on link 2 really helped weave all of your writing together for me. Couldn’t help but keep the image of the moths wings beating in my mind.
    Thanks for stopping by to visit my post- and I’ve learned so much about your thinking about the true ins and exteriors of wallpaper. Lots to think about. Many thanks! Jill

  5. Meant to read your posts/participate as I feel ‘re-visiting’ is really helpful, however….new commitments, etc. just got in the way. Keeping up with 2009 stuff on blogs is about my limit at the moment. But I’m interested in reading your statements sometime.

  6. Many fascinating connections to be found in these posts and your artist statement. I agree with Jill that the visuals in post #2 really tied it together for me. Thanks so much for “digging” these up and playing along!

  7. your statements made very interesting reading, thanks for re-posting. I’ve found the whole BT idea such a revealing one, it’s fascinating to see where we start and the development on our way.

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