bees4As one might expect after weeks of running like a mad thing I have crashed again. I really, REALLY need to learn how to better manage myself do that I can avoid this roller coaster of craziness I live on perpetually. I am re-reading Sarah Ban Breathnach’s, Simple Abundance because I need to be reminded right now how full and fantastic my life is! Don’t tell but I have also been squandering some time on some novels this past week too…

It has been pretty amazing, reading all the treasure posts and finding more blogs that I will have to make space for in my life, I have meet some new collaborators (more to come about that later no doubt) and really in combination with my weekend of love I am feeling pretty up about my work in the studio right now.

I am off to read some art history as I do still have a lectures, exams and papers to set for my art survey class, thank you blog-o-sphere for connecting me to so many fabulous artists, and a special thanks to the brilliant Seth for putting these wheels in motion!

3 thoughts on “introspective

  1. thanks I love these bee books, but they were one of the few things I bought back home with me this weekend, oh well… hopefully they will find someone to love them as much as I do!!

  2. Great bee page and a perfect match for this post — it sounds like you have busy as a bee these days!! And thank you for your kind words!

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