NaBloPoMo – day 1

new bk1new bk2

Another “Pocket Book”

So basically the challenge is to blog everyday for a month, so I’m going to give it a try. Not to do anything more spectacular than talk about my life. So today aside from mum stuff, I finished two new books in the studio and drove to a lot of graduation parties, did a little consumer spending at the mall, which was too depressing, because there’s nothing like rampant capitalism in action to make one discontented with ones portion (in other words there was so many cute things I wanted to buy). I kept my spending to my son, except for one teal tank top, who actually needed pants in the worst way, and is now the proud owner of two new pairs of shorts and a pair of jeans that I hoped he wouldn’t like because they would have looked adorable on me!! Oh and I got a haircut… whew! I’m exhausted! I know that was probably TMI but that’s my real life!

The book below was made from the leftovers from my video book making the other night!

little karin bk

So in honor of NaBloPoMo I will be giving away a surprise box of fun stuff at the end of the month. To enter you just need to leave a comment on the blog between now and August 31. Good Luck everyone!!

7 thoughts on “NaBloPoMo – day 1

  1. The pocket books look beautiful, Good luck with the daily blogging, I find that i can’t art blog every day, it takes up too much of my time (I’m a very slow writer) but I’ve begun another blog on which to witter on about life in general and I’ll probably put shorter, more immediate things on there. I’ll keep checking in here to cheer you on, good luck!

  2. Lumi & Seth I’m glad you like the pockets books as I love making them! And Karin, I have some whole prints of that litho if you’d like one shoot me an email, I’d be glad to send you one! And Lesley, thanks for the vote of confidence, hopefully you won’t all be bored silly by a daily glimpse into my real life!

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