Day 2

Today was almost like summer here finally, so we grilled out with the in laws which of course meant cleaning the house first! No special menu, just burgers and brats and family. No  studio time today, too much mum stuff, laundry and the like – Then it was a lot of books, as I am still preparing for my art history class which begins August 25th. Way too soon! So here’s a glimpse at my book pile for today….


in a few minutes I am going to escape into my guilty pleasure, BBC America and the new series of Dr Who (having already wasted Friday night watching the whole Torchwood miniseries on-demand, and some of yesterday watching a baffling series ending on Primeval – sorry can’t help it, need my dose of Brit talk every once in a while!!). I hope a daily dose of my life isn’t going to turn off all my readers with hoe terribly mundane it all is!!

3 thoughts on “Day 2

  1. I have an old copy of Gombrich’s book – originally printed in 1950 and reprinted several times until 1966. And guess what no women artists mentioned.

  2. Lesley mine is an old edition too, from when I was in high school. Not happy about the missing women but the language in the new Janson is so dumbed down, its barely academic at all. It was already the assigned text before I took over the class so I couldn’t change it for this year, but I’m not happy with it so if anyone out in the blog-o-sphere has a suggestion I’d be glad to hear it!

    Anonova it would be more fun if I wasn’t teaching the class! OK actually I am excited about teaching the class it’s just a lot of work to get ready!!

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