day 3

It has been an exhausting day, there were all the usual last minute urgent jobs to be handled at the print shop, they started before I had even set down my bag and continued until I was heading out of the door. Somedays I really like how my work there makes me feel knowledgable, today it is just making me tired of being so in demand! I am just feeling drained and at a low ebb tonight. All the kids are out, I am home alone but I find myself unable to focus on anything, not even a new novel is holding my attention. Surfing through the blogs I found a post on Jafabrits blog about detained Iranian Artists. It makes my skin crawl to think this is the world we live in, the world we leave our children. And so tonight my thoughts are with artists everywhere, here and abroad suffering from misunderstanding, for those who are persecuted and those who feel marginalised by their cultures.  blessing and peace be with you all

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