day 5

Not much happening in suburbia today… walked to work in a drizzly rain, apparently yesterday WAS summer, that’s it, all done! Slow-ish morning in graphic design world, at least no immediate fires to put out, but that all changed after lunch and I spent the last 3 hours of my afternoon racing a print deadline, not my best work, lots of tweaking I would have loved to have had time to do, but the job had to be on the press by 5 to make the clients crazy deadline, sometimes that’s just how it is, sad but true. Had my favorite baked beans on cheese on toast for dinner (you may have to be English to appreciate the yumminess). Then I spent a couple of  hours helping my youngest daughter move her furniture around. Its a genetic trait, an inbreed need to move the furniture, inherited from my mother, maybe even from hers? Then my neighbor rescued me with an offer of coffee on the porch, so we sat and chatted in the twilight over coffee, and admired her newly repainted house and plotted a weekend escape to a salvage place in Rochester, just us girls! This is the most relaxed I’ve been in weeks, so thanks Kathy, just what I needed. Now I’m off to the studio with a glass of cider (the alcoholic kind) for an hour before the Hubby gets home from work. Hope you have a restful evening too… (probably this blog is sending you to sleep, I mean I live in the burbs, nothing really happens in my life! But this is really my life, art in the interstices, squeezed into every last gap I can find!)

2 thoughts on “day 5

  1. oh yes, I love beans and cheese on toast 🙂 Having lived in the burbs I know what you mean, but I don’t see your life and blog in a similar vein.
    I had a lovely restful evening watching Torchwood, drinking oddles of tea and embroidering. Only thing was missing was our daily habit of playing frisbee with the dog and then walking the dog, too wet and rainy.

    ta ra for now

  2. Jaf, maybe it does take a Brit to love beans on toast, certainly my family won’t eat it (they’re crazy!!). Were you watching the children of earth mini series?? I watche dteh whole thing last Friday!! Yep nothing like 6+ hours of sci-fi to cheer a stressed out girl up!

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