day6 – inspiration

Weaver of grass posted a request for inspiration (OK a few days ago, but there are so many great blogs to read I’m a few days behind, sorry!), and along with it a really beautiful story about hers, her father, if you haven’t read it yet you should head on over and do so, it will touch you…

So here are some of my inspirations

CHAOS, so obviously Martin Venezky’s graphic design, I wish I could control multiples the way he does…

martin venezky

Marian Bantjes, because who wouldn’t want to be able to make such beautiful lines…


this chalk horse in Uffington, England, because it is Mystery & Magic, Diana and her dark ride…


Frank Auerbach’s painting because it is so real, so emotional, because I want to caress its surface, inhale all the power of the emotion, because I don’t know how to let go and let that emotion into my work, because I’m afraid of it’s rawness


and for the same reasons, Susan Rothenburg,


Magdalena Abakanowic again for that raw power, emotion I’m afraid to let fly


Tonico Lemos Auad for his sense of play and again that mystery (I first encountered his work while I was living in Newcastle working on my master’s)


Women of great sense, and peace bringers like Diane Christian, &  Karen Armstrong for their passion and commitment to education and for change. Oh and my friend Jen for all the same reasons, because she lives everyday to the  fullest, she’s really one of my heroes!

And a slew of women, most of them anonymous who were institutionalised because they were too sane to function inside the parameters of their social pattern, whose lives drive me when I am tired and afraid and discouraged, because they couldn’t walk away from the insidious design…

Of course my own parents, who could make anything from nothing, who always found a way to give us every possible experience despite limited means, who loved my sisters and I enough to let us find our own ways, to really give us wings.

Oh once one begins, where to stop? Maybe when life in the burbs is yawning again, I’ll post some more.

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