day 9 – baking books and etsy!

Today in an effort to conquer the mold I cooked (in my oven) the pages from my disintegration project, I’m not sure that the mold has been completely eliminated, but the paper is dry and I can tolerate holding it in my hands, so the reveal is close… maybe tomorrow! I am so excited with how it is turning out, I can’t wait for you all to see it.

Also I finally managed to navigate the whole Etsy thing, (although I am still waiting on verification from  Pay-pal so I can only take cheques/money orders right now), but I listed my first book for sale there today!! One of the bee pocket books… so I guess now we’ll see how that all pans out!


On a more domestic note, I have been bribing myself to complete my chores today by saying, for example, fold this load of laundry, then you can log on and look at one more reveal, and I have seen many fabulous pieces of art, and accomplished much domestic bliss. Plus because this time not everyone posted at once, I have really had a chance to browse around the sites I have been visiting and “meet” some great new artists.

Well, I am back off to the studio to work some more on the DisCo project, have a relaxing Sunday evening everyone!!

11 thoughts on “day 9 – baking books and etsy!

  1. Haven’t figured out how to put a link in my sidebar yet, barely figured out the whole Etsy posting thing, for now just click on the book image and it will take you there!! Thankd karen, I love shopping Etsy, except its way too easy!

  2. I’ve been bribing myself to do chores as long as I can remember, usually I use a book I want to read, but the blog thing works too!

  3. Hi Deb! Lovely to meet you – lovlier still to read your post – that book looks lovely and I can’t wait to see your reveal.
    Last night I scanned mine and cut the resultant sheet into pieces and reassembled it – as sort of disintegration of a reintegration if you see what I mean! The result is quite interesting – I shall probably post it tomorrow , I suppose we could go on for ever really couldn’t we. Do call and see me again.

  4. Hi Deb – nice of you to leave a comment. I am “EATING” up my new passion for book binding – surfing here and there and, just like you, I tackle a bit of ‘must do stuff’ and then reward myself with art time. I never thought of it as a self-bribe…but that’s an apt description of it.

    I’ll have to check out your Etsy and must say I’m impressed with your words/art after only venturing this far.

    Best of luck with your resting!

  5. I do that! lol. Look at 5 blogs then hang the washing…or sort out 2 piles and then time to create…I’m not always successfull…sometimes the pile gets created with instead! I guess that counts as sorting! Nearly:)

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