beginning again – day 1 – tada!

So if anyone is still awake you noticed I missed yesterday’s post, I was too busy trying to finish the DisCo project, and after many mis-starts here is the finished object

front cover

inset into the front cover is the most moldy piece of paper to make it through intact, I covered it in resin to preserve the decay then hand sewed it into the fabric covers (made from a scrap of left over upholstery fabric, the most neutral thing I could find).

As I had mentioned, it rained so much here that the whole bundle was ridden with mold, I baked and then froze the pages to try and kill as much as possible, then I varnished all the pages with multiple coats of poly. Many of the original book pages had been laminated together by the water exposure, so I sewed them shut as one page with the machine, I left all the threads just because I like the way they look, and I felt it fit the whole theme. That left me with individual pages and I knew I wanted to do a sewn binding, so then I scrabbled the order, flipped some pages upside down even, and made signatures by using little strips of binding tape, tea dyed because all I had was white.

here’s a view of a couple of inside spreads

inside 1inside 2

I had originally thought that I would do a Coptic binding, but I was concerned that even with the tape the paper would be too weak to support the spine’s weight, so I decided to do an exposed spine buttonhole binding instead. Yeah! that seemed like a great IDEA, but I had never attempted one with an unsupported fabric cover, or without measuring and marking the holes, so it is pretty sub par, but has character, I made three attempts that I ripped out, before just deciding to let go of my vision of perfection and let it be what ever it was.

buttonhole binding

I am so thrilled at how this has turned out! So thrilled in fact that I have decided to use this piece as my entry for our faculty show this year. The gallery assistant Colin will be thrilled that it is small and will NOT require a team of large guys to install (although secretly I think he enjoys the challenge!). You may have noticed that I titled this post beginning again, and here is my plan…

The work isn’t due to the gallery for another month, I am so in love with this book I want to work on it more, so I propose to work everyday on the interior, solving my boring blog challenge by just posting images for you to enjoy until it leaves for the exhibit. I am just going to hang out and meditate with my scrappy little book for the next month, although I’ll be working on other stuff too! I hope you all feel this was worth the few extra days…

29 thoughts on “beginning again – day 1 – tada!

  1. Returned yesterday from a few very wet days in Wales and caught your post. Absolutely love it! I’m a bit of a mould fanatic. Interesting process too.

  2. It’s gorgeous Deb!! I don’t think a “perfect” binding would fit the character of this wonderfully worn gem, though it’s hard to see any flaw in what you’ve done!! I love it and really look forward to seeing how your pages evolve within.

  3. Great work with the mouldy bits, LOL! But seriously lovely little piece. cannot wait to see what else you will do with it. I’ve never baked my art before! Now there’s a new angle, LOL!

  4. well, i’m trying to close my mouth and wipe up the drooling. what an incredible book, with its layers of WORK and care to preserve it… happy to hear its life will continue through your additions, which i will stay tuned for, and then shared with the public….astounding. i can just hear the buzz zzz zzz around it when it’s on veiw.

  5. I love what you’ve done, and I especially love that you let go of the need for perfection and decided to “go with the flow”… your binding looks great to me, and I’m impressed, as I haven’t done much book binding, so Brava, girl! I’m looking forward to seeing what you do as the month goes on… it will no doubt only get better and better! All my best, Kathy.

  6. Absolutely worth the wait and worth coming back to as you prepare for it’s public ‘reveal’ live!

    I’ve just dived into book binding through DisCo and am fascinated with the endless possibilities. You’ve wetted my appetitie to look deeper into your blog!

    Best of luck with this massive installation :0)

  7. This is the most gorgeous book I’ve seen! Wonderful way to save the bundle. Can’t wait to see what else comes of your book.
    Is it finished or will you be working the pages inside as well?

  8. I’m pretty anal when it comes to perfection, but I would say your binding is really wonderful considering what you were working with. My bundle didn’t disintegrate like yours did, and only a few pages showed mold. I like how you sealed it with poly varnish. I’m sure it will be a perfect entry.

    I’ve not been to your blog before, but I will be back, since I love your style.

  9. again I want to thank everyone for spurring me on and for your loving support. This is truly a blessing to have such a community going on with this project and I am enjoying getting to know you all through your blogs!

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