busy family weekend

So, a super busy family weekend here in upstate! Friday night we took my husbands car to the annual downtown cruise-in, the two pretty young ladies are my daughter Ashley (in the back) and her friend Aurora. My husband restored this car himself, in fact she’s been in his life longer than me, she’s a 69 Ford Fairlane (in case you wanted to know) and she’s really the love of his life!!


then Saturday was the performance of Suessical the musical that wrapped up my daughter’s week at drama camp at Fredonia state… here she is as a bird girl with amazing mazie!


Then today we packed up the eldest and sent her back to school, so my house looks much tidier and emptier than it did this morning, of course we love her, but I know she is excited to be back with her college friends and to get back to work on her life’s dream!

Back to school for me on Tuesday, I can’t wait to meet my new students and begin teaching again! Oh and PS. I sold another original yesterday too!!! So farewell moth 1, enjoy your new home!

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