last chance!

OK so way back over a month ago I promised that I would give away a mystery box of stuff to someone who posted on the blog in the month of August. So here is one last chance for anyone who’s been lurking without posting to put your name in the hat before the big drawing tomorrow!

It has been a pretty normal week around here, I started a new term of teaching to very full classes. Thanks largely to the slow economy, enrollment in our program at the community college where I teach is way up. This has made for some changes in dynamics in the classroom, for me at least. I have a lot of students who probably wouldn’t have picked us before, but for many reasons, not the least of which is their college money was wiped out by the recent financial crash, are now in my room, they are very motivated and engaged which is exciting for me. I think it will be interesting to see what kind of work they produce as the semester progresses, of course I’ll be posting more about this over at the ivory tower.

My oldest is back at Kent State, settling into life living of campus this year, and trying to negotiate a new long distance relationship, she also had my wallpaper design tattooed onto her back yesterday, with the words, “well behaved women seldom make history”. I am trying to decide how I feel about that! My other two have a couple more days of work and furiously finishing up summer AP studies before their new term begins on Thursday.

Not a whole lot of note has been happening in the studio. I am really tired right now, and a little strung out too. I have been sort of joking that its nothing that some Valium and whiskey wouldn’t fix. Instead I’ve been trying to get more sleep, eat a little better and get some exercise, all of those good for me activities cut into my studio time, so…

I have been learning some new bindings, and looking for some opportunities to take some classes, so if anyone knows of something I might be interested in drop me a line! Also I am trying to get some inventory of journals and pocket books together for two art festivals I’ll be attending this fall, Bonagany in Bonaventure and the book fair at Little Berlin in Philly. So maybe I’ll get to meet a few more of my blog-o-sphere friends at one of these two places, as well as chatting with those of you I already know in person!

Work on the piece for the faculty show is going very slowly, I’m hoping because its portable I can work on it during office hours at school between now and the show. The only other new piece is not really work, more in the line of play. At our neighborhoods big bi-annual block sale I picked up an old deck of tiny children’s playing cards from a box of free stuff. I’ve been wanting to make a Jacob’s ladder book for a while, and this seemed like a perfect chance as the cards were already the same size, so no cutting and measuring involved. If I finish it I’ll post pictures later today!

4 thoughts on “last chance!

  1. i have always loved that quote about well behaved women. and i am laughing because i spent the better part of yesterday emailing my daughter (she’s back in ms visiting some friends) a pixelated photo for her to take to the tattoo parlor today. please save some of that whiskey and valium for me! here’s wishing you more studio time, a fabulous semester, as well as peace and quiet. i’m trying to carve out traveling time for us to still meet for coffee.


  2. Sounds like you’re in for a fun and fulfilling autumn! I look forward to to seeing your new bindings and hearing about your teaching adventures.
    I’m a Kent alumna, I got me BFA there 🙂

  3. anonova, I posted some pictures for you but it is best to see one in action!
    Karin, I hope you had as much fun at Kent as Chelsea is having, it was the perfect fit for her!
    Lindsay, good to know I’m not alone, its hard to be mad, it was after all both a compliment and tribute to the fact that she has internalized everything I have tried to teach her about women!

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