what’s the point – really?

Its been a long week already, and its only Tuesday, so much for a long and restful weekend… I got my rejection letter, nicely worded of course, from Beyond-In this weekend, so that means my work has been roundly rejected by every curator in the upstate area this year. Which leaves me in a place many of you I imagine have been in, of wondering whether I should just pack it all in. I am so tired right now, juggling my teaching and working at the print shop and of course the whole domestic goddess thing, that its hard to find time to even get into the studio, and after that kind of critical response its hard to motivate myself to even bother. Which is a shame, because suddenly my work has started selling, and the general reaction to both my shows was really positive. I know that both regional shows I entered had hundreds of entries, and that the judgement of curators shouldn’t even really matter all that much, (even though for the most part I like the quality of their work and teh exhibits they produce) and in reality I am not likely to stop making art, I don’t think I actually could abandon all my ladies and their stories, but still it does make one pause. My work for the faculty show has ground to a halt, there just aren’t enough hours in the day and I have to admit that I am seriously considering not showing anything this year. It seems that life in the studio is just such an emotional rollercoaster right now! Well nothing is getting accomplished by sitting here bellyaching, so once more into the breech etc, bills to pay and students to teach…

4 thoughts on “what’s the point – really?

  1. It’s hard not to get discouraged in the art world (including writing, music, etc…). I had a very bad summer — rejection wise. I feel like I have written my best stuff ever, yet I have been rejected more this past summer than ever before. But chin up! No one said it would be easy (I sound like my mother, God rest her soul)

    Thanks so much for the beautiful book — and I’m sorry I missed you today.

  2. Hi, I’m new here and am loving everything I see and read. beautiful work, debra, radiant with spirit.

    The artist’s balancing act can be quite a dance, yes? I find that “balance” to be rather an active process, something like the “average” of the ups yesterday, the downs today, the ups tomorow, the….whats….next week….like the days’ singular experiences being each like parts of a mobile,
    with the mobile flowing through and touching, repeatedly, upon points of stasis, and never the same way twice….and we seem to grasp for those moments of stasis…but would we even have them if this “mobile” wasn’t a mobile? does this make sense?

    thanks for sharing. I’l be a regular visitor!

  3. sara thanks for your thoughts, f course in my balanced moments I know this to be true, but sometimes the journey is such an emotional rollercoaster…

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