I gave my students a middle of the semester evaluation this week, since I couldn’t help I decided to draw along with them, and boy do I need to practice, but anyway just for fun here is the end result (it’s a leaf in – case you can’t tell!!)


8 thoughts on “regressing…

  1. I could tell it’s a leaf and it’s wonderful but I understand what you mean about practice. I have been going to live model drawing for a month now and boy, I sure felt the same way as you.

    At my textile group meeting I had one member who upon looking at my skull embroidery said “it doesn’t have gums”! LOL! I just smiled and said “yes, I know it’s a gumless skull”. Oh boy!

    anyway, do you have yellow paper also. I don’t have an attic but I am certainly feeling a bit mad lately.

  2. of course we can tell – and it’s beautiful!! i can see it’s swaying flutter motion as it descends from the tree branch above, and can practically hear the crunch it will make when it gets stepped on later when it’s raked into a pile!! love it šŸ™‚

  3. well gee, thanks one and all, really I thought it was OK but not great, I love to draw, but it is so time consuming… i would estimate I spent about 7-8 hrs on this and it isn’t finished šŸ˜¦ Ahh, c’est la vie! But I appreciate all the cyber support.

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