paper swap, my turn!

paper swap

here is what is on its happy way to Lisa in New Zealand! Oh I hope she likes it, this has been so much fun, both in sorting through my paper collection for suitable treasures to pass on, and in the anticipation of new gems on their way to me… it has cheered me up, to paraphrase Winne the Pooh, “no one can be uncheered with a piece of paper!” OK Pooh says balloon, but the point is still valid!

DSCI0733DSCI0734DSCI0735 I really hope she likes them! A set of US state seals from an old encyclopedia, some stamps, a fragment of yellow wallpaper (of course), so fragments of old lithos,a  page from a journal, odd scraps, a piece of an old board game… all winging their way across the ocean!!

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