its here!!

DSCI0753Yea! How exciting to get fun post instead of bills! I haven’t opened the envelope yet, I want to savor the experience, so I will post a picture later when I have chance to look over my treasures, greedy me, I want to savor them all by myself first! * So once class was finally over I opened up my letter and here is the picture above… I don’t know what I’m going to do with all this fabulous stuff!

On a completely unrelated note when I was feeling down and defeated a few weeks ago, Karin made a reading suggestion that I leapt on, and then discovered I had tried reading the same book once before, and set it aside because it just wasn’t speaking to me, the book, Sacred Contracts is by Caroline Myss and I, of course, had to make a new journal to accompany my journey. This is just an altered book journal, made my gluing pages together, and removing part of the contents, it was a book on geraniums, (I kid you not a whole book devoted to geraniums), it had some nice book plates so I left them, but otherwise I painted out the type blocks to create “blank” pages. Here is my first journal entry, about being worn to a raveling, a feeling I’ve discussed before on this blog, the image on the right is an old shawl I bought in Turkey when I was about 16 and it has been repaired many times, and now is entirely too fragile to be worn at all, on the left, there were some irregular bumps in the paper that began to form themselves into some kind of crazy knitted object (?), some of the text was peeking through the paint so I picked it out, then I added in new text, trying to match the font… I imagine the page will change on the journey, but here is where I am right now, fragile, hanging together by a thread and really looking forward to some time off of work later this week


5 thoughts on “its here!!

  1. I can’t believe it made it there so fast! That’s quite impressive! I am glad you are happy with what you recieved and I hope it will be useful to you! I sent the serviette because the pattern reminded me of your yellow wall paper:) I see a sneaky peak below…will try to be have and wait patiently for it to arrive!

  2. I have to admit, it is a tough book to read. not the easiest, she is pretty wordy, but I thought it was worth the read. love you haul, and are you in for the tagging adventure too? love your altered book, really great, hop you found some time to play..I mean work on your art! : )

  3. not much time to play after all, sick family members, Halloween festivities for the teens, but some reading and lots of ideas brewing…

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