space at last!

As those of you who are parents and artists know, sometimes your needs get shuffled to the bottom of the pile, and that can make your inner child pretty grumpy! This has been happening around here a lot this semester, so I made a conscious decision this weekend to put a few of the things I wanted to do at the top of the list!

Friday night I went to the opening of The Producers at Jamestown Community College, it was a hoot! (disclaimer, my youngest child is in the show, so I may be a little biased) Then my hubby and I headed out after the show for a late night supper and a few drinks. Very nice.

gifts from the book fairySaturday I woke up to find that the book fairy had stopped by, this happens occasionally, people know I use old books in my work, so they drop them off. These were fabulous little children’s books, with great woodcut illustrations. So whoever you are, book fairy, I thank you. Then I decided to take $20 and go non-retail shopping at the local thrift stores, scored two new jumpers, a great pair of pants, a new handbag (oh and more books…shhh don’t tell my family!!) I’m the early bird of the house, so even after the shopping I still had a little studio time before the rest of the clan surfaced! No time to really start a  major new piece, but I did finish a little Morris-esque page meditation.

morris 1Later after lunch, my hubby drove me out to an open house in his beautiful car, we had a great time, and I did a little shopping. Thanks Pat, Sean and Lisa

DSCI0855sean earingsTo finish the day of perfectly, we ended up having the house all to ourselves, as everyone else was out! 🙂

Today its time to come back to earth again, and retake the reigns of obligation, grocery shopping, laundry, but having had a little me time, I find myself in a better frame of mind, and happy to be puttering around the house. Everyone is out but me, so I can just relax and enjoy the peace and quiet and cross a few more things off of my to-do list. Hope all of you had a relaxing weekend too.

1 thought on “space at last!

  1. How awesome for you! We need those ‘me’ moments and there’s nothing wrong with that! As you know from my post I have been having issues finding time for my stuff too! I have squeaked in some stolen moments today and last night and just posted the papers you gave me on my blog today, thanks again! I was using them last night!

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