DSCI0860This is a scene from my bedroom tonight, I like to write my lectures in bed, it’s comfy and there’s lots of space for spreading things (ie books) around, which was a good thing tonight, as you can see! Tonight I am writing about the Art of the Middle Ages, one of my favorite historical periods because of course, it’s when they invented my favorite object, the codex, better know to us all as the bound book! Poor students, they have no idea what awaits them! Persian miniatures and Christian illuminated books, yummy! Not to mention my fascination with early Christian history/theology, agnostic gospels and women mystics! I am really looking forward to the next few weeks of mosaics and catacombs…

DSCI0859OK, off to move the stacks to the floor so I can go to bed! Goodnight all

12 thoughts on “bookish…

  1. ah, my bed is full of books too! that looks so familiar. in my bed, though, they just get pushed to the side… so now leaning up against the wall along one edge of the bed is a pile including books, a drawing, notebooks, the copper plate from an engraving my sweetheart did… all stuff that’s good to think about in the evening, or wake up to in the morning. !

  2. Jean – well if i didn’t have to make room for my hubby i guess the books could stay, no kidding! Caterina – If you are interested in this craziness maybe I’ll put more posts about medieval fascinations over on my other blog.

    • hey thanks for stopping by, I am not such a fan of my handwriting, I learned a different kind of script in England and my students find it hard to read!!

    • I’m sure they wouldn’t agree, it seems you only value education when it’s over, at the time it seems more like torture, tho that wasn’t the case for me, I love being in school, wishing I was back there instead of fighting it out here in the big scary world!!

  3. love your excitment about books! amazing…do some of us sometimes take books for granted…ubiquitous objects…perhaps that speaks to the fact that many of the books produced are not particularly memorable..your artworks, and those of the historical era’as you mention, by contrast are glorious and raise the reality of “the book” to objects worth pouring over, exploring, pondering…

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