paper swap. two.

thanks to my great friend Jen I can share this amazing picture of my next paper swap, on its way now to my exchange partner, this was really a challenge for me, I’ve never made tags before, so I hope that she likes them!!

if you want to play too, head over to woven letters and sign up for January’s exchange, which will be cards, really go, now, it’s so much fun to get real post rather than bills!!

She also took some pictures of me at work, if you would like to see them, let me know, maybe you’d rather have the mystery of not knowing what I really look like!! OK just a quick glimpse… LOL!

5 thoughts on “paper swap. two.

  1. in total LOVE with your tags. especially SIT. and i have always had a thing for hands. my daughter used to draw hers all the time for art class. i owe you an email!


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