Happy New Year!

So for all of you who doubt my crazy suburban mom stories, here is a picture of my living room filled with teenagers (only 2 of whom are mine!) as the new year rolled in last night! There were even more kids in the room next door by the way!!

So resolutions… Yesterday I discovered that the stress of juggling too many things and my general neglect of myself has led to some serious (and expensive)  issues with my teeth and jaw. I’m going to spend the next month having a LOT of work done in my mouth – so my resolution is to move myself up on my list of priorities! Always putting myself last has finally come home to roost! Not just my physical self, but my creative one too, feel like I am moving closer and closer to letting go of my financial security blanket and diving in head first.

On a happier note, while I’ve been gone my next paper swap package arrived from Lay Hoon in Malaysia, here are my tags and some fab ephemera that she sent to me!

Also this week, I was interviewed by a local arts magazine and today a photographer is coming to take my picture for the article… not sure that hung over on new year’s day was the best timing for that!!

Hopefully I will be back  to blogging next week, I’ve been busy with family stuff and with more renovations in the studio, I may even get walls by the end of the month.

So happy new year one and all, miss all my blog friends, looking forward to catching up with everyone soon.

7 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. Looks like a very merry celebration rang in 2010 at your place!!
    Wishing you a new year of wellness, wisdom and prosperity Deb – sounds like you are working with the first two as you put yourself at the top of your own priority list!
    You deserve no less 🙂
    xox Karin

  2. Hi Deb —

    The book is Let the Right One In. Warning: It’s very, very dark. Forget everything you know (or don’t want to know) about the Twilight series.

    Happy New Year, again!

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