flag tag book

I’ve been wanting to make a flag book for a while now, just to see how it would turn out. When my tags came from Lay Hoon, they seemed like perfect candidates for such a book. I used the other papers in the bag to complete the book and make additional flags, the covers are a little crooked, I always have problems with any form that starts as an accordion fold, if anyone out there has a clever tip or trick, I’d love to hear it! That’s Molly my daughter’s cat whose little demon eyes you can see in the picture!!

4 thoughts on “flag tag book

  1. Wow Patti,
    I’ve never seen a tag book before! And, how much fun to see Lay Hoon’s tags. She was my paper swap partner!! Such great ideas on projects and books to make with all the amazing trade papers/tags and soon to be cards!!! Can’t wait to trade with you soon!

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