More pictures, and an interview

So just for LaWendula here are some more pictures of the flag book, and if you go here, there are some instructions for how to make one…

Also the interview with me was published in Chautauqua Word this week, if you’d like to read it you can do so here. Steve did an amazing job of not making me sound like a rambling idiot, which is more difficult than you would think! And I’d also like to thank Don Hill for taking pictures of me I actually like (even more difficult than making me sound coherent!!)

7 thoughts on “More pictures, and an interview

  1. Wow, you have been busy since I last peeked here!
    You are very brave having all those teenagers in your house lol. Atleast you knew where you 2 were though:)
    Your tag book is awesome, I am inspired to give that a go! I missed the tag swap:( I am sure your partner will be happy with what you sent! they looked like great tags.
    I am going to read that interview too…well done on getting that opportunity!

  2. Oh, wow! I’ve been and read that article and seen you’re lovely portrait. It’s a nice pic! That article was facinating! I never really knew what your wallpaper was about and I am stoked that I’ve read it and gotten a better understanding of it and about you too. I love how your mind latched on to the concept and how it just grew. I also like how you stood up for the ‘fading’ stories and helped them to be heard. Thank you for the link!

  3. That is a fantastic article! I find your process around the “immoral wallpaper” and “The Yellow Wallpaper” absolutely fascinating. I wish I could see all the works in the collection!

  4. Evangeline if you click on the tab at the top of my blog (pictures from the opening) there are some images from the show he talks about in the interview! Or you could go to my website to see some other stuff too!

    Lisa thanks!! I like teh pictures too, I don’t really enjoy having my picture taken, but the photographer works with me at the college (in fact we share an office) so I was pretty comfortable with him taking the pictures!

    Caterina, thanks for stopping by, have fun making a flag book!

  5. great interview, debra. the whole complex conversation about women’s roles and art/craft is….well….complex, huh? and where i am at now, too, is a lot about the role(s) of artists/the arts in the community; the ways that the arts can serve (without being subservient) — maybe a better words would be how the arts can inform, enrich, etc — social issues, etc…nothing new, really, it’s all there, always, sometimes unspoken, per se. seems that your worjk gets into that too, big time, at least the way that i see it…

  6. god we make such good art why is it so hard to get good pictures OF the art!!!!
    i can’t read the interview yet either cuz pdf stuff always freezes my computer up 😦
    but congrats on this! whoo hooo!

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