how do they do it?

Today I spent the school day in the library of my local high school talking about my work to english students who are reading Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s Yellow Wallpaper, I am hoarse and exhausted! I don’t know how K-12 teachers do that everyday!!! The students were very curious and at least pretended to be pretty interested in what I had to share with them. The local paper was there too, so I am feeling quite the celebrity this week! And strangely for me, not apprehensive at all, have I finally made peace with the idea that I am an artist after all?? Hmmmm.

7 thoughts on “how do they do it?

  1. How great is that?!
    *celebrity* the icing on the cake of embracing the truth of your artist self!! There is no question my friend.
    Boy am I with you on the K-12 teachers – the stamina, patience and the all that it takes to be truly with those kids every day? I used to do volunteer art classes with kids in schools in AZ that didn’t offer art to their students (that’s a whole other topic!), but I really could only handle a few stints a year!!
    Congrats on the well deserved recent attentions Deb. xox

  2. congrats. enjoy the celebrity! embrace the artist within. i have always loved the yellow wallpaper – it was one of the first things i introduced my daughter to! happy new year sweet friend.


  3. thanks for the support ladies, its really thanks to friends like you that I am finally changing my internal picture of my self!

  4. Hmmm, funny that you should doubt your artist status when the rest of us don’t! I think your art is real art (not just decoration or play from someone who wants to be simply creative) because there’s intellect, thought and meaning behind it. That’s what I percieve anyway!

  5. Lisa thank you for that… I guess that I was “Mum” for so long, or a wife, and then a student, I do feel that I have things to be said, but I also have a lot of anxiety about whether I have done enough already to warrant the new description “Artist”. This is something I have really been working on this past year, and I really meant that having a group of other artists affirm that label has helped me to embrace it more. And You’re welcome, I’ll mail it out to you on Friday, I just thought of you immediately, and it is so nice to have people in my head whose work inspires me to be able to share things like this with!!!

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