Paper swap #3 – cards

So… I made a whole set of ATCs for Jill my paper swap partner this month, and I lost them. So this week I made a whole new set, so on their way to Jill are these cards, and lots of other stuff I’m not going to post, just in case she stops by and sees everything and it ruins her surprise!! Next months swap is a surprise “crazy swap” so head over to Lawendula’s blog to sign up if you want to play too.  It is really stretching me trying to make stuff that I don’t usually do, and as you can see I even tried to break out of my usual colour palette as Jill is a very colourful gal. Boy was that hard work, but I think they’re OK.

So now I am going to spend the rest of my day organising my files for the classes I am teaching this semester, and putting all the old notes etc away. Then later I am heading out to the Wright Gallery downtown for an opening with my recovering artist friend Tina. The show is a group one, The Active Artist’s Alliance, featuring some friends and former students, it will be an eclectic mix of work, I’ll let you know what I see!

5 thoughts on “Paper swap #3 – cards

  1. A great group of cards. Jill will love them! My favorites are the bright bird card in the upper right and the wonderful card highlighting the words center row left!

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