papers swap three, the package!

I am embarrassed by riches today! My package arrived from Jill and what a wealth of fabulous-ness was inside! So many beautiful treasures, so bright and colourful! And perfectly timed as I spent 4 hours at the dentists again yesterday and was feeling a little sorry for myself, the good news is that half of my mouth is now reconstructed, of course that means I still have one half to go!

It’s a  busy week this week and I find myself scrambling to be ready for my classes this term, despite all the prep time I put in over the holidays I am still struggling to feel well enough prepared. I feel very strongly that this is another cosmic signal that it is time to jump from that 9-5 security blanket and trust the universe’s plan for me, even my long-suffering hubby is telling me it is time to jump. I am just feeling very conflicted about walking away from a job with unemployment rates so high… so if you are reading this today, please offer up a little prayer for courage for me, I’d appreciate it!

9 thoughts on “papers swap three, the package!

  1. Deb, you are overly generous with your words but thank you! Enjoy! And now- the drum roll…… I got my bundle of cards from you today and they are amazing!!! All the beautiful colored papers, antique wall papers, stamps, your cards and those ATCs you made- just stunning!! Thanks so very much! What a wonderful card swap!

  2. Jill I’m glad you liked them! But truly how spoiled am I right now, I just want to keep taking everything out and looking at it over and over!

    Sara thanks for stopping by, I’d be interested in what a prayer for courage looks like!!

  3. hi Deb – I am sending waves of courage to help carry you to your goals. If the abundance you are receiving through the mail is any indication of the wealth coming your way, then you are as good as gold!! xo Karin

  4. as a visual, might a “prayer for courage” include roots (indicating the wisdom we’ve hopefully accumulated), wings (for the faith to either go, or stay…), text (to indicate our written and as-of-yet unwritten story…)…what else?

  5. Great swap! Lucky you.
    I hope your vision of the road ahead clears, change can be scary but I believe that if a plan is well thought out great things can come from feeling the fear and doing it anyway!
    Keep us posted:)

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