finally some progress

So I have been really struggling with this “book” to go to the show in Leeds. This is a new group for me so I want to send work that really seems mine, if you know what I mean… plus the work had to fit into the cabinet drawer and also had to be interactive, which was an added layer of challenge for me. I had this bright idea of a layered accordion book, long , really narrow, with lots of pockets and pouches into which I could put little works that the viewer could take away in exchange for whatever is in their pockets, bag or generally about their person. I am really enjoying all the ephemera that I am receiving via the paper swaps, so it’s really a continuation on a theme…

The big problem for me was working around this preconceived idea, usually I just get stuff out that looks like it belongs together and play around and screw up a lot before the “magic” happens. Having a clear idea of what I wanted  to manifest was disabling.  I have finally finished the main structure of the book, except the covers and tonight I spent some blissful hours making fun tags, cards and baby books to go in the pockets, anyway, here’s a sneak peek of the book in progress and some of the contents so far.


Of course now what sucks is that I have to teach tomorrow, plus I have a meeting and another dentists appointment, just as I am finally hitting my stride against this deadline… oh and not to mention I have to finish typesetting the playbill for the high school musical by the weekend too. Boo!

8 thoughts on “finally some progress

  1. I’m with everyone above – it looks great and I know you’ll make it work in time. I wish I could do all the pocket exploring in person – there’s so much to see!!

  2. the book turned out OK, I had some problems with the covers warping as the pages are very long, but I hope they are fixed, too late now if not as is on its way to England…
    thanks everyone for continuing to support my schizophrenic life, I appreciate it!

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