I feel like my life is so crammed, so tightly organised that it is easy to slip and get behind, which is how I am feeling today! I did finally get to my grading, so my students know at last how things are going for them, and the book is in the post on its way (or maybe has even arrived) in Leeds, so that’s another plus and the playbill which I do every year for the high school musical is at the printers, so again, big sigh of relief there!!

Today has been a hectic day of classes, errands, costume fitting/repair and hair curling for dress rehearsals. I have many talents but styling hair isn’t amongst them, my daughter was pretty disgusted with the end result, I was testy with her, now I feel bad! Oh well like many parenting missteps no doubt it will be better in the morning… or at least by opening night when she will be in her glory!!

on the brighter side, some of my students are making awesome work on the Proteus/radiolarian project, so since I forgot like an idiot to take a picture of the finished book I was in such a hurry to post it, you will have to settle for their work tonight! So here are two works in progress…

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