An enterprising group of girls/young women from Fredonia State are revisiting the womanhouse concept with an installation of their own work at the Adams Gallery in Dunkirk, NY. Earlier this week I was asked if I had a piece of work they could add to the mix, there was a barren wall, so today I went down and installed one of the wallpapering utopia pieces and the corset installation from transcending madness. I appreciate the opportunity they have given me to reach a new audience with my work! Thank You!! Special thanks to Caitlin for helping me out today, I can’t wait to see everything all polished up tomorrow at the opening! Of course it didn’t occur to me to take pictures until I was driving home…. so you will have to make do with an old image of transcending madness in a past life.

My kids are not coming home between school and the opening night, preferring instead to hang out with their friends and eat at the theatre before the curtain goes up, so I find myself unexpectedly free between classes and I am off to the studio to sit with a cup of coffee and maybe sift through some things, caress some paper and moodle a little…

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