more paper swap

I cannot even begin to say how amazing the paper swap is. My package came from Robert yesterday. I was busy marking mid-term exams, I didn’t want to open it in a rush, so it sat taunting me for much of the day. When I went to pick my kids up, I took it along, and opened it while I was waiting in the car. I always feel so overwhelmed with the generosity of these people I do not know, and I particularly want to thank Robert for somehow knowing exactly what to put in there, the wallpaper sample might have been an easy guess, but the icons and medieval book images, how did he know?? I even snuck into the studio after class last  night, just to tinker a little, I couldn’t wait to get to work with them.

Week one after my decision to leap and I am starting to feel twinges of worry about finances, but it’s OK I knew that I would and unanimously everyone I know has been super supportive of this decision. So I am off back up to the studio, just waned to drop in and say THANK YOU paper swap partners and of course the fabulous LaWedula for organising the whole thing!! You all rock!

3 thoughts on “more paper swap

  1. These are such wonderful swaps. Having been paired off with Robert before, I know what a great and generous selection of papers he sends. Have fun creating!

  2. These swaps have been just super!! 🙂 We end up with such an abundance of new materials to work with and be creative with! Wishing you all the success in the world in your new life as it evolves. Trust me- there are so many who applaud you and are envious of the determination and strength you have to follow your heart- including me!

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