new work- extravagance

so , yes i know, try not to faint!!

 Here are some pictures of what I was up to this weekend

and then I worked some more

 then when I came home tonight I worked some more

and now it is almost done, it’s time to let it breathe and think about it a while…

13 thoughts on “new work- extravagance

  1. It has been way to long since I last dropped by! I have just been reading your last few psot and I can see your life has been busy! You sound happy to have made your leap though and good on you. I wish you the best and I am sure it will work out. If it feels right it probably is!

    I spy the flower in the corner of your artwork, I didn’t straight away but it looks at home!
    Happy creating and re-connecting with yourself!

  2. Lisa, yes! that is your purple flower, I think many paper swappers will see something of theirs showing up, I had the beginnings of that purple piece in the studio for a few years and suddenly an onslaught of purple stuff made me feel it was time to revisit it. It is not quite exactly what I envisioned, but it is ok for a place to start.

    Lindsey, yes I am feeling spring! Do you mean you think it is done? I am bad at knowing when to stop!!

  3. Hi Deb, thanks for showing us the steps along the way – it’s very cool seeing the layers build.

    I am having a heck of a time getting my video done sharing the binding technique for that mandala journal, but when I do you will be amazed at just how easy it is! No needles needed, no strain on the hands – that’s one of the reasons I came up with it – to make it easy on myself. Only problem is that it’s for single boards, no signatures. It should work for a collection of pieces like this piece above though! I will try to get body mind and computer to cooperate to get that tutorial up – either that or one of these days we’ll have to plan a field trip for you to come down and visit me and we can make one together!!

  4. hey Karin a field trip would be way more fun, maybe over the summer when I am NOT WORKING 🙂 But I will keep watching in case you get teh tutorial done before then…

    Jill, did you recognise anything? I’m not sure if anything from your swap ended up on this one!

    Anonova, glad to “see” you!! How’s things?

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