recovery sunday

So first some good news… Thursday I was offered, not one but TWO summer workshops with local arts organizations, which made my nervous but supportive hubby very happy!! So seems the universe is sending me a little positive reinforcement this week!! Yah!

Yesterday I went to the small press book fair in Buffalo, it was a great time. I did some shopping and networking and attended a lecture on assemblings and created a page for the Sugar City Zine! It was a noisy, people filled day and by the end of the afternoon I was way over my people quotient so I was glad to take my spoils and head home.

I saw all manner of fabulous stuff but amongst the high points Scott McCarney and his witty but slightly sad books about himself… I just loved them… and reconnecting with someone who was a grad at UB when I was a lowly undergrad and gave me some great references and really egged me on! And last but not least the amazing bookbinding of Susan from blowfish bookbinding.

The lecture by Chris Fritton from Ferrum Wheel was illuminating and reinforced ideas I have had about my own books… and was intelligent and refreshingly art literate.

I had hoped to get into the studio, but mum stuff prevailed… ah c’est la vie, but only for ONE MORE WEEK!!!!

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