postal treasure


So LaWendula is a genius and today when I got home from work the collage exchange box was waiting for me, thanks Seth!! 

Here’s what I took out

I guess I was most attracted to the handwritten pieces, especially the old physics notes, which look absolutely mystical from the back… and I must be in a purple phase, as you can see as I once again found myself drawn to all shades of it in the box. I am chomping at the bit to get to work, so have a great evening everyone…

8 thoughts on “postal treasure

  1. Just had to stop by from LaWendula’s
    Oh this is so much fun, the collage box just arrived in my mailbox in VA today. I am so excited, it’s all ready to go to the P.O. tomorrow on it’s way to Ohio

    Love the colors and bits you’ve chosen.

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