cabinet of curiosities

There are some pictures up here of the exhibit in Leeds,  some of the work is just exquisite… the woven story, what a beautiful idea… how will I ever have enough time, oh yes, after Friday, all I have is time… woohooo!!!

10 thoughts on “cabinet of curiosities

  1. love the “woven story” idea…takes me into so many layers of thinking – love how the 3 dimensions of this artwork nestles in the wood box, pulling us in, then the written/embellished surface pulls us in even more intricately…very rich experience…

  2. the great thing about collaborations is you get to be in amazing company… some of those works were really incredible…

  3. Lesley, but you make cool stuff… Jen I wish I knew so I could do it!! and Seth, thanks for stopping by again,

  4. This is the most amazing exhibit. Such creativity, inspiration and originality.Thanks so much for sharing the drawers with us- just spectacular! You are so lucky to have been able to participate! Thanks so much for stopping by as well!!

  5. Jill, I was so fortunate to be included, Louise is a gem!! As I said in the post that woven book really speaks to me right now…

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