Routes to Art

I am a participating artist in this years Routes to Art, there is an accompanying exhibit at the Quick Center at St.  Bonaventure and all the artists have been asked to submit one piece that represents their work… obviously as this is an open studio tour and the main purpose is to make sales (particularly if you have just resigned from your day job!) I wanted to pick a commercial work, and after much back and forth I have decided to use the piece I just finished from the collage box project. I don’t really feel that it is particularly representative of my work as a whole, but the colours are really beautiful, and hopefully it will generate some traffic. The choice was really baffling for me, I had to ask for a lot of opinions and help, so I was wondering, if you dear readers had to pick one work to represent you, which work would you choose. By the way if you think this was a crummy choice on my part, please don’t tell me till after the show, as I can’t change the work for insurance reasons… wow, this artist lark is super stressful today, and feeling way too serious… best go play in the studio until that feeling passes!!

6 thoughts on “Routes to Art

  1. I think this is a wonderful piece of art. It’s delicate, pretty, flowing and peaceful. if that’s not the way you want your art described then maybe it’s just a lovely piece of art but not a true piece of you…good to read you’re getting yourself out there. I recently made some collages to sell and it was the first time I’ve done a whole series for the purpose of financial gain…that said if they don’t sell atleast i am not stuck with a bunch of collages I don’t like! Good luck with your exhibition!

  2. no kidding, picking one piece of work to represent you…all you can do is pick something you are totally into now or have recently done and made ‘oh the strong body of work they all want’.
    its an interesting piece…takes me on some message in a bottle trip in my head. congrats for DOING!

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