collage update

So this is the work that has me stymied, I have decided to just leave it be for a week or two and see if I can figure it out later. Do any of you have stories about work that was stuck and came unstuck for inspiration??

5 thoughts on “collage update

  1. … I have stories about projects that took me five or six or eight years to complete! mostly stuff that got put on the backburner for various reasons… but then when I finally went back to work on it, I realized that it could not have possibly gotten done at the earlier date, because my skills and understanding and technique were not then as developed… or I had otherwise learned a lot in the meantime which assisted me greatly in finishing it.

    which I mostly take to mean, everything gets done when it’s supposed to, and you work on it when you are meant to. you never know what you will be given, in the time that passes, to allow you to complete it.

  2. Great thought Jean, I think this piece is just overworked now, but maybe it will sell anyway! There are some places that I really like, the spirals of text and the leaves that have text on them, so the text parts I guess!!

  3. I tend to keep pieces I don’t like anymore/can’t finish and find that eventually, I’m going to need it for something. Even the pieces that I wanted to set on fire at one time end up being used.

    Still frustrating as hell when I stop liking something or can’t figure out what to do next, though.

    Best of luck!

  4. Indeed – distance can be a great healer to inspiration and fresh outlooks.
    just wanted to let you know that I finally got my tutorial up for the mandala journal binding!

  5. Ananova, Karin, thanks for your thoughts! I am liking it mire now I moved it out of the studio… weird! And I am heading over to look at that tutorial now!!

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