I love vermont

So we spent a great, if cold and wet weekend in Vermont and the whole family fell in love with the area surrounding Burlington, and my son finally fell in love with a school. I am really excited because my son is your pretty typical jaded teen boy, he doesn’t really get too excited about anything. We visited with some relatives at their camp near Lake St. Catherine State Park, and drove home to sunshine. Now the difficult part begins, this is a private school, the annual fees are more than my mortgage, I am in a state of fear and depression over how we will afford it, particularly when I only have my teaching job now and I just don’t know how the art thing is going to pan out for me. When I am worried I do two things, the first is clean, which is good for the house but otherwise pretty unproductive, the other is worry obsessively which is I know even more unproductive, but is my nature. I think I am a little rabbit like when faced with money stress, I just want to either freeze, or bolt down a dark hole and hide, neither of which is going to help! Ah well, I am trusting the universe will help him, since he is absolutely meant to be there, I can’t even begin to describe how animated he was, how excited by the staff and program – maybe his award letter will include a big fat scholarship… here’s living in hope and trust till then.

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