last one for now

So here is the last of those four collage pieces I started. It has a less cluttered feel than the others, less layered, so more me. I like the other pieces, but this one is so monochrome…

Yesterday was a busy day, some other faculty and I took students from the Art Club to visit Edinboro University, which some of them are considering as a transfer university now their two years with us are over. We had a great experience, and if you live close enough to go see their student show in the Bruce Gallery, I totally recommend it! We also got a sneak peek at a fabulous installation piece called growth in the student gallery space. 3D paper installation with printmaking, I LOVED it!!

After we rushed back to campus we headed over to the Weeks Gallery for the opening of our student show. I was honored to give out some excellence awards to some students from my Visual Survey class. I was in such a good  mood, I even had my picture taken a couple of times, so here I am

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